Piotr Banaszkiewicz

Peer instruction: update 7

On Sunday 27 Jul, 2014

I’m feeling terrible - I forgot to blog post last week. Again. I’ll try to make up for it…

Software Carpentry sprint summary


Peer instruction: update 6

On Monday 14 Jul, 2014

I missed one post last week and this one is already delayed by two days (compared to my typical writings that appeared on Saturdays).

For­tu­nate­ly, I have good excuses.


Peer instruction: update 5

On Sunday 29 Jun, 2014

This is gonna be a short one. Because of exams, I have to study a lot. And because there was not much progress on Pitt during this week.

Current release


Peer instruction: update 4

On Sunday 22 Jun, 2014

This week me and Greg Wilson, my mentor, we decided to test run Pitt. It was a success and, while revealing some annoying bugs, it made Greg really excited.

Current release


Peer instruction: update 3

On Saturday 14 Jun, 2014

The decision has been made, and I switched to a different codebase.

I had one exam this week (Aparatura Au­tomatyza­cji, eng. Automation Systems) and five more in next 2-3 weeks, so it is quite chal­leng­ing for me to find time for peer in­struc­tion right now.