Blog by Piotr Banaszkiewicz

AMY release v1.5.4

Yesterday AMY v1.5.4 was released with a bunch of interesting changes.

New features

  • AMY is now capable of going through all active workshops and checking if their metadata (slug, start/end date, instructors and helpers) had changed. If so, a notification would be shown to the person associated with the event.
  • Aditya Narayan improved history log by enabling it to show related objects’ real names instead of IDs.
  • Greg Wilson added a button to mail everyone involved in a workshop
  • as part of his GSoC 2016 project, Chris Medrela added the trainings dashboard in its first shape
  • Chris Medrela in collab with Greg Wilson added SWC/DC instructor badge indicators to: all persons, event details, and “find instructors” views
  • Finally, I upgraded the “Find instructors” view to enable admins to search for not only instructors, but also in-progress instructor trainees and people who once had been associated with the workshop organization. Therefore the new name for “Finding instructors” is now “Find Workshop Staff”.

Bug fixes

  • Aditya Narayan fixed permissions issue when accessing event details page by people without permission to add ToDo items.
  • I fixed a small error preventing DataCarpentry logo from showing up on DC workshop request page.
  • I fixed a small error doubling people with both superuser and admin group permissions in the admin lookup backend.
  • Even smaller error was pointing admins to use wrong URL in import event template. It is now fixed.
  • Chris Medrela fixed the former “debriefing” view (now “instructors by date”) errors concerning emails generation when some people’s emails were unavailable.
  • Chris Medrela fixed I think the oldest unnoticed issue ever: wrong link generated for airport’s IATA code.
  • Finally, Chris Medrela fixed missing template from one of the new features for this release.


I’d like to thank Chris and Aditya for their continuous work on AMY. This is just the beginning, and if you’re curious go check out what’s planned for v1.6 (probably the next release). There’s a lot happening around AMY recently, so stay tuned for the next release.