Blog by Piotr Banaszkiewicz


I’m 23 years old. I study Automation Control and Robotics at AGH-UST, and I program a lot in Python.

My projects

I have a number of projects that I worked on over the years:

Ganeti Web Manager
web interface to the Ganeti cluster. Helps with all kinds of administrative tasks. Removes necessity of using a command line.
a workshop management tool for Software-Carpentry. Helps administrators with their burden of managing workshops, finding instructors, and keeping all information up-to-date.
a real-life example of operational research algorithms implementation. It’s a warehouse with robots looks like this.
my Bachelors in Engineering project: a remote emergency switch for electric vehicle. Project includes my thesis/dissertation (in Polish), Arduino programming files, connection schemas, behavior logic graphs (in Polish), and perhaps other files too.

Contact me

E–mail: piotr (at) banaszkiewicz (dot) org

GitHub: @pbanaszkiewicz

Twitter: @pbanaszkiewicz