Blog by Piotr Banaszkiewicz

AMY release v1.5.1

Since my comeback to university for MSc, the development of AMY slowed down. This past month we had a number of submissions from prospect GSOC’16 students (yay!) and, for the first time, number of bugs fixed exceeded number of new enhancements.

Since the number of new features is small, I decided to release a minor version (v1.5.1).

Contributions by GSOC students

March 2016 held GSOC’16 applications period for students. We had a lot of students this year and we encouraged them to take a look at AMY and maybe fix something. This resulted in a number of good contributions.

New features

Starting with new features since there’s so few of them:

  • Greg Wilson extended the command to additionally return events people participated in
  • Shubham Singh added “Notes” field to instructor profile update form
  • Shubham Singh added new tag “hackaton”
  • Greg Wilson removed command
  • I enabled autogeneration of user’s username after they’re added to the database
  • Greg Wilson added link to Privacy Policy in the footer.

Bug fixes

  • Nikhil Verma found and fixed “List duplicates” page error when no duplicates existed
  • Chris Medrela found and fixed 404 page for revision that didn’t exist
  • Greg Wilson fixed NameError in
  • I fixed a 500 error appearing when user submitted incomplete form used for matching people’s names
  • Maneesha Sane fixed minimal number of instructors required in our workshop request form
  • I fixed API renderers (CSV, YAML) not iterating generators but displaying their textual representations
  • I fixed instructors-num-taught report to include people’s names
  • I fixed a small typo in the name of post-workshop survey for instructors (it was called “pre”)
  • I made the emails case-insensitive
  • I fixed some 500 errors related to event importing.