Blog by Piotr Banaszkiewicz

Amy update #1

We’re soon to release Amy v0.3, which should include some exciting features.

New features

It’s now possible to type a fragment of what you’re looking for and then simply select from a drop-down list.
Page footer
The new footer displays current Amy version.
Country representation
Countries in Amy are now internally represented in ISO 3166-1 format.
New “+” button in top-nav
It allows to add a new event, site or person. Or even multiple persons.
The dashboard page has proper title
It’s not “Amy: None” anymore.
Stripped down Makefile
Some actions it included were not longer relevant.
Templates with the same content were merged
It’s not a change to the end-user.
Lots of small interface changes
Including switch from links to buttons in some cases, easier event page validation, better display of events on the fron page, better display of people on the person’s listing, links for persons or tasks or webpages, and more…
Event invoiced field
Instead of “fee paid?”, we now call it “invoiced?”. Why the change? Because NumFOCUS handles invoicing, not Amy. We only need to know if we should list the event as uninvoiced or not.
Contributor guidelines
We now have guidelines for contributors.

In the oven

The list above is not complete. We still have about 3-4 days to include other nice features:

  • awarding badges from badge details page (done)
  • awarding badges from user edit page (work in progress)
  • setting permissions and passwords (done, awaiting feedback)

What we’re going to miss

We probably won’t implement addition of new skills. At least I didn’t see a pull-request for it.

Features for v0.4

DataTables. It’s a must-have! Many feature requests would be solved by simply introducing these tables. We may leverage autocompletion backend for serving via Ajax, but I didn’t quite look into the matter yet.


  1. We now have new admins, including woman named Amy. This causes some “namespace” conflicts. In v0.4 we might switch to capitalized AMY for the software name. I proposed an acronym for that (“AdMinister Yourself”), but it’s not what I think is good acronym. I failed at finding others, though. Also, recursive acronym didn’t fit.
  2. Feature freeze. I think we need it. We don’t want to incorporate stuff that’s not thought-through.
  3. Maybe smaller release periods, with smaller upgrades. With the current pace, Amy would gain 0.1 every month or even less.
  4. I have exams soon. I received credits for multiple academic projects for the current semester, so I’m only 2 small tests away from the exams. Gotta start preparing…