Blog by Piotr Banaszkiewicz

GSOC 2012

Google Summer of Code 2012 has begun and I’m one of participants. I have to admit, I was thrilled when I found out.

My project is to bring metrics (like CPU, RAM, disk, net usage), alerts and graphs to the cool Ganeti Web Manager by Oregon State University Open Source Lab.

For metrics collection I decided to use collectd daemon. It’ll be backed up by my soon-to-be-born collectd-ganeti plugin.

Collectd will be installed on the host (Ganeti node), and this plugin will gather usage information from KVM (and later Xen). This way there’s no need to install collectd on every virtual machine Ganeti creates.

Next to collectd, I’m going to create a some kind of network daemon, which will monitor and send metrics data to GWM. For now I created something very pre-alpha – no—one should use it.

Following weeks are going to be very important to me. Not only will I get my final exams results, but also there will take place university admission. And Google seems to want job—interview with me.