Blog by Piotr Banaszkiewicz

Automation Control and Robotics

I’m studying Automation Control and Robotics, a major that doesn’t say clearly what a person would do after graduating it.

From time to time I talk with people who either think I’m studying programming, or that I’m going to build robots in the future.

What is Automation Control and Robotics?

Most people don’t know what automation control is, so they focus on the part that sounds familiar: robotics. They automatically assume I’ll be building robots like these, or these.

Well, I won’t.

My studies concentrate on things like control systems (think of it as SCADA), optimization methods, control theory, electronics, specialized electronics (FPGAs, embedded systems, assembler programming, industrial-class robots), leverage of stochastic methods in industrial process identification, computer vision, PLC programming, and others.

As you can see, I was mostly balancing between engineering and very specialized computer science. There really was very little robotics during my Bachelor’s studies.

What can you do after graduating?

I like to call it: engineering.

People graduating automatics control and robotics are vast-minded, and ready to work in pretty much any engineering field that has something to do with programming:

  • we can set up wind-turbines
  • or air control systems
  • or nitrogen refill systems
  • or fine-tuning of power plants
  • or building assembly lines

There are thousands of options, all different kinds of industries.

Do I enjoy these studies?

Contrary to many of my friends, I do enjoy studying automation control and robotics. I learned a lot of engineering- and maths-related subjects, and I have hopes for a great work in future.