Blog by Piotr Banaszkiewicz

AMY release v1.2

This is the third post-gsoc release of AMY, the workshop management tool for Software-Carpentry. This release was supported by prof. Ethan White. Thanks a lot!

Below you can find release notes for version 1.2.

Bug fixes

This release contains bigger bug fixes than 1.1:

  • wrong object type passed to "".format() method
  • wrong characters permitted in event slugs
  • (big one) inconsistant logic in EventQuerySet.(un)published_events methods

New features

Following feature is also a bug fix, but it’s mostly a new feature so I included it here:

  • (big one) fix finding, parsing and validating of event tags: it will now work with <meta> tags on workshop websites

Other new features:

  • after approving person’s profile update request, the updated profile is displayed instead of the list of other update requests.
  • password reset form was added,
  • issues related to, for example, missing location data are now highlighted on event details page,
  • (big one) admins can now be assigned to specific events or event requests,
  • Greg changed descriptions section names on “instructor issues” page,
  • the same page was updated by me so that we can have pending and “gave-up-on” trainees listed,
  • the previous feature was introduced thanks to new ‘stalled’ tag,
  • our API gained some filtering (go to, click “OPTIONS” and look at “query_params”; these can be added to the API calls, for example:
  • the same API gained a new endpoint used for generating list of current members of Software-Carpentry Foundation; this is in no way official list of members, but it can be used to help determine who’s eligible (credits for this one go to both Greg and me since I finished his pull request),
  • it’s now possible to search in events’ URL, contact, venue and address fields,
  • 2 new options for invoice status were added (not invoiced for historical reasons and not invoiced because of membership),
  • more places (workshop issues, and on each workshop without attendance data) to send “Give us attendance figures” emails, more people to send to,
  • profile update requests can now be edited by admins.

Next release

There’s number of issues scheduled for v1.3 release, and there will be others added to that list. The problem is that December contains:

  • end of my semester,
  • one huge exam, a couple of smaller tests,
  • Christmas,
  • deadline for my BEng. project and thesis.

So total time spent on AMY in December probably will be lower than what I did in November.