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AMY update #7

With a week of delay (3 weeks after v0.8 release), I finally released AMY v0.9 today.

The list of changes for this release doesn’t contain one big thing I was hoping for, but it’s still decent.

This is also the last release that (partly) took place during Google Summer of Code 2015.

Google Summer of Code 2015

I’d really like to thank everyone who helped me during this Summer:

  • Raniere Silva for keeping eye on the participants’ reminders and for so many friendly chats over these months
  • Greg Wilson for mentoring me and for lots of enjoyable meetings
  • W. Trevor King for introducing me to some very advanced git methods
  • my application’s users: Amy, Giacomo, Maneesha, Tracy and others, for providing me with excellent feedback.

This was incredible Summer; I learned a lot and had so much fun. That’s great to see that we’ll release AMY v1.0 soon as a wrap up of 4 or 5 months of work.

Bug fixes

Okay, back to the change log.

  • Some workshop URLs weren’t translated between repository and website versions. This is now fixed and every workshop with one of these links will automatically display the other link as well.
  • It happened that users put whole links into Host.domain (in the form https://domain.tld). This caused errors in many places where we wanted to display link to that Host. The issue is now fixed: users aren’t allowed to put protocols or trailing slashes into Host.domain.
  • Some management commands were broken due to the fact that we switched underlying methods to use API endpoints, but we didn’t change the commands themselves.


This release was focused on getting permissions sorted out and adding read-only access to people from Software-Carpentry Foundation Steering Committee.

We had to cut out the another exciting feature: workshop requests, profile update requests. The Pull Request for this feature is very big and we’ll release it in v0.9.5 somewhere in the next week.