Blog by Piotr Banaszkiewicz

AMY update #3

After some tough weeks today marks the v0.5 release of AMY!

Here’s the short list of what’s new.

New features

We finalized the move from “Amy” to AMY.
Instructors’ profiles
We ask instructors to provide a list of preferred lessons, nearest airport, area of expertise and current career stage. While some of that information does not land in the database, can now take what we really need in AMY: airport, lessons to teach, email changes, and so on.
Nice pagination
Thanks to work by Carlos Peña, we now have a very nice looking pagination bar. I added some algorithms to make it show sections.
Merging duplicate people
We can now merge people who appear more than once in our database.
History of changes
This has some flaws, but we now store history of changes to events and persons. It should help admins a lot, because they demanded it at least twice! This feature makes dashboard look strange (it’s very wide), and I’m looking forward to feedback from admins if they like it or hate it.
New development database
Weights at least twice more due to pregenerated initial revisions (ie. initial “changes” for all our events and persons).


Missing make migrations command
Thanks to Carlos Peña sharp eye, we no longer miss that step in the installation section.
Sidebar covered messages
On pages with full width (all events, all persons, etc.) the success/error messages would be covered by sidebar background. Now they’re narrower so that sidebar doesn’t cover them.
Redundant display of badges
Badges were displayed in two places on person’s details page.

Features for v0.6

Currently there’s no main theme for v0.6 release.


I had exams in previous weeks, so they casted a little bit of shadow on this AMY release.