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Amy: a workshop management tool

I got involved in Software Carpentry one year ago. We went through one Summer of Code, I became certified instructor, and then at MozFest 2014 in London we decided to write a workshop management tool.

Software Carpentry is growing rapidly and managing workshops has become a hussle.

Greg Wilson, Software Carpentry’s father, started the Amy project on October 30th 2014. I got involved early in December, and became since then one of the core contributors.

On April 27th, almost a month ago, I received a chance to work on Amy during my summer and get paid for it (which was basically my dream summer coming true).

The community bonding period

I consider myself, Greg Wilson and W. Trevor King the core of Amy community. We had not much chance to integrate in the last month, but we used it to progress on Amy.

Amy: status update

Most important features of this bonding period:

  1. Amy v0.2 was released.
  2. A new Rackspace server was set up just for Amy.
  3. We started using Travis-CI for continuous integration.

Currently we have an open window for v0.3 release, and some of already implemented features contain:

  1. No more “None” in Amy’s dashboard title #282
  2. A footer with Amy’s version (both release and git hash) #275
  3. ”+” sing in the top navbar — a shortcut to add event/site/person pages #286
  4. Slimmed down Makefile #284
  5. New look for the dashboard with unpublished events more visible #274

And there’s more in the oven!

Plans for the summer

I want to get a rest, cut down on projects (only Amy and my BEng project), play “some” games.

This is going to be an exciting summer, and I’m looking forward to it!