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Peer instruction: update 8

Google Summer of Code is coming to an end.

There’s still so much work to do on Pitt I’m sure I’ll be working on it after the GSoC 2014 is done.

Before the soft pencils-down date I want to release one last version, v0.5.0 (this week) and then work on documentation improvements (probably will release additional v0.5.1 then).

Features not coming into Pitt this Summer

Sadly, there’s only so much I can do… A few features won’t make it into Pitt this GSoC:

  1. Hard: better broadcasting mesh (students act like relays / proxies), read more at
  2. Etherpad integration – Greg Wilson told me that Etherpad right now is not in best condition so this one is postponed (
  3. Peer2Peer file sharing – something exactly like ShareFest (

Features coming into Pitt

  1. Mobile-friendly interface (at least for tablets) and fixes for non-full-HD devices (
  2. Voice-only connections improvements – as long as I’m able to test them (
  3. Chat (

I won’t write summary post until after the firm pencils-down date. But let me say that this Summer was truly awesome :)