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Peer instruction: update 6

I missed one post last week and this one is already delayed by two days (compared to my typical writings that appeared on Saturdays).

Fortunately, I have good excuses.

First, I wanted to get something done. Second, I was buried under real-life super exhausting stuff like post-exams leisure. ;)


Okay, good news: Pitt has new interface:

Pitt's fresh

Pitt's fresh interface Pitt’s fresh interface. (click to enlarge)

And I’m in the middle of rewriting JavaScript code (again…). Now the code uses good JavaScript patterns (and I don’t consider myself a JS newbie anymore).

I separated application logic code from application appearance code. Overall, the code should be easier to understand for newcomers and a lot easier to maintain.

The list of issues is updated and available here.

I’m also starting to think about Software Carpentry Sprint that takes place on July 22-23. I’ll post some update soon…