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Peer instruction: update 5

This is gonna be a short one. Because of exams, I have to study a lot. And because there was not much progress on Pitt during this week.

Current release

Current version is v0.3.1, and it’s tagged in git repository. I’m incorporating the git-flow model.

What I wanted to get in was two major features:

  1. countdown before switch from group split to broadcasting mode,
  2. small groups of students of variable-defined size.

I can tell that I was successful and these features are now part of v0.3.1 release.


While testing with Greg and Mike at their office and me here in Kraków, I couldn’t connect to them and vice versa. Connections between Mike and Greg worked as intended.

This was strange, because I didn’t change the code so much that it’d break. More so: last week while testing with Greg alone it worked!

So I conducted few more tests:

1) Pitt: Kraków ↔ Kraków 2) Pitt: Kraków ↔ Toronto Mozilla Office 3) Pitt older version: Kraków ↔ Toronto Mozilla Office 4) Other WebRTC application: Kraków ↔ Toronto Mozilla Office

In the previous week, I’m guessing Greg worked from his home. We wanted to try Pitt in this configuration (Kraków ↔ Greg’s home), but due to holidays in Canada we were not able to.

From what I can tell, the issue lies in the client IP addresses resolution. Here’s a lengthy article about how hard it is to do WebRTC properly:

Anyway, I hopefully will be able to easily overcome this issue.