Blog by Piotr Banaszkiewicz

Google Summer of Code update #1

So far in the Google Summer of Code 2013 I’ve been working on Ganeti Web Manager.

My job was to refactor Ganeti Web Manager so that instead of one huge, bloated Django application (ganeti_web), the project would consist of many smaller apps.

I shared more details in this blog post.

Now I can say my work is mostly done. I’ve got smaller apps extracted and (this one’s big) I worked on database migrations.

Now (hopefully!) any user can checkout my branch and successfully run it against their codebase.

Why are you doing this, one can ask. There’s no visible benefit for end users. Actually even worse: they for example have to use settings file which is now stored completely elsewhere.

This work brings hope and sunlight to all the GWM developers. It helps new ones “see” and understand code, as the code is now simpler! And it helps old devs navigate through the code, while fixing or enhancing it.

I hope to get my work merged soon, although it’s quite big change so the proper code review is really necessary.

Next on the GSOC agenda: taking care of Ganeti Web Manager dependencies. I.e. documenting, testing, uploading to PyPI, maybe even setting up a CI.