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Ganeti Web Manager Modularization

I’ve got accepted in for this year’s Google Summer of Code. My project requires me not only to program, but also to improve automation and work flow for GWM developers.

The least Django version Ganeti Web Manager is compatible with is 1.4.5. However, GWM doesn’t use the new project layout introduced with Django 1.4.

The result is GWM’s main directory being very cluttered. As for 0.10 release, there are 25 files and/or directories. With just the switch to newer project layout, only 21 files/directories exists now in top level dir. That number will soon decrease, as more files get moved to appropriate places.

I’m sure setting files and files containing URLs will get tossed out into related Django application directories, too.

Speaking of which: originally GWM was written as one single Django application. Since commit dde1fdf1cc (WIP) it’s now splitted into many smaller applications: auth (I might change that name in future), clusters (containing code related to clusters; surprise!), ganeti_web (original app), jobs, nodes, utils (or doesn’t-fit-anything-else category), and virtualmachines. Two additional apps are moved from top-level directory and both relate to Muddle. I’m not sure about their fate; it’s possible that they’re gonna get sentenced.

The rationale for such splitting is mainly the construction of Django models in ganeti_web application. That single file itself changed its size from 1,958 down to 295 lines!

Next steps in GWM modularization will involve moving forms, templates, tests, views, models, and URLs to appropriate places. And testing, lots and lots of testing is required.

I also hope to document my work and general progress at least here. GWM recently started hosting its documentation on the ReadTheDocs, I’ll update it as well.

All in all, I’m very happy with my project and GSoC 2013. :) Its timeline has shifted so now GSoC covers more of my summer holiday. #win