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First ever academic semester ends

This time next week I’m going to be after my first ever end term exam (Physics in this case). Should’ve started learning to it waaay before…

My Raspberry Pi was finally shipped. I received it over two months later, with 3 weeks delay. So far it works as a server with no content. I hope to buy some magical wireless keyboard (with touchpad on it) and make my very own media center.

I’ve already tested Xbian and it worked, although not as snappy as I hoped. My guess is that SD card I used was too slow.

The next academic semester will be SO HARD. It’ll end with 4 horrible exams. My scientific group Focus also received financial grant, so we’re gonna build some awesome robot.

All this will make me so much more busy than current, ending semester. Not good.

By the way: I applied for PyCon US financial aid, but the demand was so huge, that they had to give everyone partial funding. Thus I am not likely to attend this years Pycon. Maybe next year, when I save some more money. “You can’t always get what you want”, right? ;)