Blog by Piotr Banaszkiewicz

First academic semester

After this summer work with OSUOSL (during Google Summer of Code) I started my actually first ever ( ;) ) semester in university. In comparison with high school, in university everything is simply 3x harder.

Physics is 3 times harder, calculus is 3 times harder, learning all that stuff is 3 times harder, and even getting up at 8AM is 3 times harder.

Thankfully I have more spare time due to the lack of humanities… STOP! Nonsense! Someone apparently wiser than me knows that I need TWO totally useless humanity courses. Not that I’m trying to become an engineer, because I should be fricking Shakespear as well!

Okay, enough rant. :)

I always pursue some additional challenges. This year with a couple of friends we decided to join Focus scientific group at AGH University of Science and Technology. It’s primary field of work is vision systems, including some Artificial Intelligence.

(Apparently I became Focus president, by the way.)

Me and my friends have some idea of a RC car (with Kinect and Raspberry Pi onboard), ideally autonomous.

My very own Raspberry Pi is on its way from somewhere (Asia?), should get it in 3—4 weeks. I hope I can compile and use OpenKinect and OpenCV software on it.

This also means that I’ll most probably not use my beloved programming language Python for some time. :( But what can you do.

Last very imporant news: at yesterday’s Google Pizza Event for AGH I discovered how cool were Google Internships. Now I want to go for one soo much :)